Bowen Therapy

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The Bowen Technique is different to other hands on therapies and is not a type of massage. No force is used, only gentle rolling movements over muscles and connective tissue signaling the body to reset itself and release dysfunction and pain.

Bowen is oil free and is performed through light clothing or directly on skin. Each session is tailored to your individual needs with essential pauses to allow the body time to respond and integrate.

Triggering self- correcting mechanisms to which the entire body responds is why Bowen is highly effective. Addressing both the problem area and the underlying or root cause of the condition ensures long lasting results.

Bowen reminds the body to do what it does naturally – regulate and look after itself.Bowen is suitable and safe for everybody from new born and elderly to elite athletes.

What would you be doing if you felt better?
Say goodbye to pain.
Let Bowen help you get back to living and doing the things you love.

bowen on a back bowen on pregnant woman bowen on a tradesman

Conditions That Respond Well To Bowen

For Mums and children

For Tradies

For Elderly

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